Thursday Sailing Series

YSR Thursday Sailing Series - Outline

Who is YSR  Youth Sailing Resources or YSR is a non-profit organization providing area youth with sailing experiences while building self-confidence and leadership skills. YSR’s mission is to provide a fun, safe and exciting way for youth to experience sailing.
Course Outline Course will provide training and experience to qualify sailors to use the boats and equipment, depending on their level of experience. The training will include.

  • Safety
  • First aid
  • Tipping
  • Points of sail
  • Wind Conditions
  • Landing and take-off
  • Knots
  • Right-of-way
  • Rigging
  • Weather
  • History/Styles
  • Tailoring (Skipper level)
  • Safe-Swim Defense/Safety Afloat
YSR Crew Crew

Crew is anyone who has completed the YSR crew training and has sailed for a minimum of 3 hours in training.


In order for crew to sail with YSR, they must:

  • Have a signed waiver
  • Paid the YSR membership
  • Be a swimmer (have passed the swimming requirements)
  • Have a life jacket (worn on the boats at all times)
  • Be on a boat with an approved YSR skipper
  • Have completed the 3 hours of YSR crew training
  • Crew levels
  • Third Class Crew
    • Completed three hours of sailing
  • Second Class Crew
    • Completed six hours of sailing
  • First Class Crew
    • Completed nine hours of sailing in various wind conditions


All sailors are expected to abide by the YSR rules and policies

YSR Thursday Sailing Series - Outline

YSR Skipper  Skipper

·      Completed all the requirements at the Crew level

In addition:

· Skipper is anyone who has completed the YSR Skipper training, which consists of 3 training days and 12 hours of monitored sailing experience under varied winds. At least,

  • 3 hours light wind
  • 3 hours medium wind
  • 3 hours heavy wind

· Skippers are also required to get checked out on specific boats. 

YSR Instructor Instructor

·      Completed all the requirements at the Skipper level

·      Has Lifeguard training or equivalent

·      Additional safety training

·      Over 25 hours of sailing in varied winds

Safe Boating Always the #1 priority